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Becoming a Member on the KMFFA Forum

posted Nov 16, 2011 12:40:09 by Brandon_Douglas
To view and contribute to the KMFFA Forums you must be a member of the KMFFA and then join the forum. To acquire membership click on the Login button on the main forum page. Select the service you'd prefer to use and enter your account info. When prompted to do so leave the administrator a message that states WHO YOU are, ex "this is Joe Fire Fighter". You have to click the "leave the admistrator a message" button after you edit your message. After submitting all requests must be verified. This has to be done manually and may take a few hours.(Call Pratt ((865-389-2680))and let him know you have applied and he will approve it ASAP) After you're approved you'll have full access to the KMFFA Forum. Email or call me with any questions (Pratt).........Please remember your password

****After becoming a member please select 'Edit Profile' and change your name to reflect your First and Last . This should aid in clarity of communications. If you do not put your recognizable name your profile/account will be deleted. Thank you.

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Brandon Douglas
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